The story behind Calder Rescue


We are now in our 26th year of operation, and times have changed, as well as the Ambulance we use.  Here are a few photos from the history of Calder Rescue.



A Word from the Crew Chief


Calder Rescue is a Motorsport Rescue outfit formed and licensed on the 9th May 1990 and has been popular with its customers ever since.


Originally manned by the ‘four lads in the red transit’ as we became known, over time through Calder’s life we have trained and licenced many, right up to the current line-up on our 'Meet the Crew' page.


All those who want their lives back and want to retire from Calder Rescue take one pace forward!


Taff, Glynn and Steve heard and did this, leaving me running the show and I must not forget Keith of Riverside Garage fame who has kept us on the road throughout.


In our history, we have

- covered over 1000 events,

- had over 350 blue light runs,

- sent over 100 off to hospital.


Unfortunately in that time we have also said goodbye to a few.


Because of the volatile nature of our sport we have been thanked, abused, cursed, overlooked, and praised many times and still we come back for more.


I make no bones about my favourite level of motorsport is clubby level, we don’t do motorsport politics, it’s not important when someone has found their ambitions greater than their abilities, it's dark and wet in the middle of nowhere and they are crying for their mum, politics have no place here.


Calder Rescue are part of my family. I may be getting old now but I still enjoy my time with them."


Richard Ashton - Crew Chief


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